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yelp review

Late review ! I had my nose pierced here and had a great experience! Overall a cool and calm environment!Took the time to go over placement, jewelry options, and after care for the piercing. Jewelry is unique, great quality, and affordable!  Piercing is healing very well and still satisfied with the placement! Very knowledgeable and patient staff as a whole! Will return for new  jewelry for my piercing and my new spot for any future piercings!

yelp review

Steve is amazing !  He pierced my nose and my conch today 🙂 Happy bday to me

I didn’t even hardly feel anything at all! He was done so fast my body was like “wait wasn’t that supposed to hurt?” He’s clearly an expert that has it down to a science. My nose looks so much better now that he re- pierced it after I went to a diff shop and got a poorly placed piercing. All fixed now yay Steve!

Fast expert service. This is the place to go!! If you go somewhere different you’re missing out. I mean, if you’re gonna put a hole in your body make sure you pick someone who knows what they’re doing (don’t be like me 3 weeks ago. Be like me today and go to Steve!)

I’m excited for next time

Fay Believer P.
Los Angeles, California